Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz needs to stop bashing Charedim

Rabbi Yaakov HorowitzRabbi Yaakov Horowitz is a one man show, he only cares about pushing his own agenda while trampling on our gedolei yisroel and talmidei chachumim. Have you noticed that the only one’s sharing his tweets, blog posts, and rallying cries, are those on the left or even off the derech? Have you noticed that Agudas Yisroel and other Charedi organizations have distanced themselves from him. Enough with the molestation, if you read all of his articles you would think that everyone in the frum community covered up molestation, one would derive that no one cared about the children and that’s simply not the case. If you would read through his anti-frum agenda you would realize that he’s just using sexual molestation as an excuse to bash gedolim.

I have to agree with Daas Torah on this one, he’s definitely a Charedi looking Modern Orthodox guy. In the Modern Orthodox world they don’t have daas torah, they go by the secular levush, the secular minhag, and the secular government. Don’t those Modern Orthodox realize what secular society has done to us over the history of the world? Modern Orthodoxy loves to poke its fingers at the Charedi world, those same people who cry wolf if you generalize anything they love, murderous abortion clinics, gay pride, women rabbis, and so on. Where are the calls of racism when they bash out society and say we don’t treat the children properly.

Without the gedolim, we wouldn’t have anyone with enough Torah under their belt to deal properly with the minor child molestation issue that has been blown out of proportion by the liberal media. Yaakov Horowitz seeks to undermine this and send the Jew hating police into check on every Rebbe accused by some off the derech punk who didn’t appreciate the way the rebbe mocked him for not knowing the aleph beis in kindergarten 23 years ago.

Gedolim are professionally trained in maters of loshon horah, that’s what 99% of molestation cases tend to be anyway. Does the local sheriff know from toeles, recheilus, and motzi shem ra. Does the local prosecutor learn sefer chofetz chaim every day? Do they know about the seriousness of Chillul Hashem? Still, “Rabbi” Yaakov Horoiwtz seeks to send false witnesses to secular Jew haters to sort things out?

Why all of the sudden do we have these people who dress in Charedi clothing to undermine the very society they are trying to be apart. Have you seen that the media suddenly has a fascination with the fringe elements in the Ultra Orthodox community? Does this not bother you Reb Yaakov? Does it not bother you to see false witnesses making claims against some of the best Rebbes and Baalei Chesed of our community? Why do you find it necessary to side with the left in every case? When did Jonathan Sacks become a bigger Talmud Chachum than Malkiel Kotler and Yisroel Belsky? Is it because you’re just a regular old Modern Orthodox guy who wants to dress up like a true Torah Yid and infiltrate our community?

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