“It could lead to mixed dancing” is antiquated and needs to be replaced

frum mixed dancingWhenever something is banned or restricted in the frum community, people like to jokingly say that it could lead to mixed dancing. This line is from our parents generation, yet somehow it has remained the one line that people can say half jokingly in response to some of the crazy chumros and bans in recent times. Mixed dancing was a fear in previous generations, one only has to pick up one of the fictional biographies of one of our pre-war gedolim put out by by Artscroll, RavElchonon, Reb Yaakov, and Rav Moshe all dealt with the shul dinner and dance. Back in the day it was relatively normal for orthodox shuls and organizations to have mixed dancing at events. I assume this is where the age old adage “it could lead to mixed dancing” comes from. Some people also like to point fingers at the frum community that has become so right wing by reminding everyone that when they were younger, their shul had dances.

So I’m searching for a new term and naturally I turn to facebook, out of 6,000 friends and followers there must be some kernals of goodness that hold their own. Some ideas are listed below, but none good enough to replace the unreplacable mixed dancing thing.

It could lead to mixed texting

It could lead to intermarriage

It could lead to smartphones

It could lead to Gay

It could lead to OTD

It could lead to YCT

It could lead to WoW

Their kids will end up in public school

It could lead to women’s rights

It could lead to sexting

It could lead to unfiltered internet

So basically we’re back at square one because all of these are ok, but as compared to mixed dancing they suck. At least some of you now know where the line came from and can help figure out one that applies to our time.

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