What we can learn from shabbos davening times

3 hour shabbos daveningI have to be honest, I never gave the times people start shabbos morning davening much thought until I realized that the whole world didn’t just start at 9am. In general the orthodox Jewish way is to start shachris at 9am, but inreality once you start to nitpick you will find that the more black hat a shul is (not including chassidim) the less likely they are to start at 9am.

I only started thinking about this because shuls that start at 9am tend to have longer davening times than those that start earlier, once again, it’s always interesting to note that the less frum your shul is, the longer shabbos davening takes. Of course, my shul starts at 8:30 and takes at least 3 hours, but this includes a 40 minute drasha and an incredibly slow davening. Modern Orthodox shuls that take forever to daven are usually the result of extended singing and those darn kids doing the entire end of davening.

I’ve noticed that some shuls will even start as late as 8:55 to declare that they don’t want to be lumped in with modern orthodoxy. I think the 8:45 time clearly states such things and earlier davening times tend to reflect that of the z’man krias shema.

Now of course you have those that start later than 9am, it’s rare that it’s not a chassidish or chabad minyan doing such things. I’m not sure, I’ve ever been to a modern orthodox or yeshivish shul that started after 9. Have you?

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