Hot Chani Crisis

hot chanieThe internet was abuzz yesterday when someone discovered that an advertisement in the Monsey Connections mistakenly used the derogatory word MILF instead of Milk. The jokes on us, because someone from over at Tops for Tots got in touch with me and said that was exactly the intended word. When prodded about how a frum establishment could use such an offensive word, the manager told me that many mothers had complained about the lack of tznius amongst some of the younger ladies and that the term Hot Chani was unacceptable. Fortunately, someone had heard the term MILF being thrown around as a tznius alternative to Hot Chani and since most frummies don’t know from Urban Dictionary, no one ever had a chance to see that MILF far outweighed Hot Chani in it’s untzniusness. 

I felt it was my duty to further explain the situation so that we don’t feel the need to continuously mock Tops for Tots, we all should ask for mechilah for having not been dan l’kav z’chus and all of the motzi shem rah we have spread. I also felt that as one of the first people to use the term Hot Chani, I had to inform the general klal that MILF’s are always Hot Chanies, however Hot Chanies are not always MILFs. Unfortunately, the frum community is at its lowest tznius standards since the giving of the Torah and many women can now be labeled as Hot Chanies. Unfortunately, many of these women are not actually hot, they just dress in the Hot Chani levush and are labeled as such. I guess we can compare the proliferation of Hot Chanies to the Niturei Karta and other extreme non-Chassidishe groups that appear to be chassidim and are labeled as such.

Sometimes I feel like the increased violence against women by the Charedim is a directly due to the Hot Chani Crisis, as if to say only hotties should dress in hooker boots and long sheitles and all the mediocre young marrieds should put their shabbos robes and snoods back on.

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