Help us save an OTD neshama

off the derechI have been wondering when the frum community was going to start sending letters like this out, it seems as if the frum community has decided to ignore the growing OTD movement, because if you ignore it – it doesn’t really exist. I have also wondered how they will confront this issue. The following letter is the first I’ve received, but I’m surprised they didn’t tell me that if I donate I will be accepted into gan eden speedily.


We have a new nachash in our midst, we have a slimy movement which seeks to steal away our children and turn them into goyim. For years we have known about this threat, but up until recently it seemed as if it were fully contained. We thought wrong and I’d like to take a few moments of your time to discuss what many are beginning to call the modern day haskallah, this threat is of course the Off The Derech Community. Just like the Haskallah tried and failed, the OTD community is trying to play the snake and unfortunately many of our youth have already tasted the etz hadaas. The threat of the OTD community is great and it’s one of the most tremendous nisyaon’s of our time. 

It is a terrible thing to hear no chatter about this on frum website, inside frum magazines, or from heimishe community leaders. It’s as if they don’t want to admit that the problem exists and it does, just last week I met with 3 separate families where one or both of the spouses left the community, luckily we convinced them all about the truth and honesty of our heilige ways, but the damage to their children’s shidduch resumes cannot be undone.

Obviously, the internet and negative blogging is one of the culprits here. Those who suggest that the frum community, poor parenting, or a few bad apples caused droves of people to leave a path of such obvious truth and wisdom are being moser and should be dealt with. Before the internet, 1 out of 1000 even had the hava minah to leave the path, now that number is much higher and it’s got nothing to do with the few bad apples amongst us. Negative blogs seeking to destroy the Jewish people, the secular media’s fascination with those who leave the path and then flaunt their sins, and the rampant materialism of secular culture are all to blame. The loss of many gedolim in the past few years has also led many of our brethren astray. When will we wake up and smell the coffee?

When will the klal yisroel and its leaders realize that their focus on outreach needs to change to in reach. We understand the pain that many of these OTDers must be feeling in order to deny the truth and convince themselves that eating treife, breaking shabbos, and denying the existence of God, a pain so great that they feel the need to constantly show off all of the fictional laws they are breaking. In many cases, the OTDer is obviously full of the pintele yid for they cannot seem to just let go of their former lifestyles. Many OTDers still eat heimishe food, date heimishe women, or speak yiddish. How hard can it be for us to get them back on the path? If we just focused some of the resources we have? Isn’t an OTD Chassidishe kid worth more to us than some safek geirus Russian kid?

Please help us save our own precious neshamos, before we try to bring in Russians and College Kids.

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