3 weeks and the 4th.

This is one of those years where it is very important that you do not watch this video. So don’t watch this. If you do, turn off the volume.

You shaygetz, I knew you clicked. What’s the problem? Well, the 4th of July falls out during the 3 weeks. This means that if you go to the fireworks, you cannot sit close enough to hear the music. In fact, my shul is handing out earplugs so you can see the spectacle, but not fully enjoy it.

Happy Birthday America — we celebrate you, but we are still sort of sad about the Bais Hamikdosh. Dear Canadians, we already forgot about your special day earlier this week, but we made sure not to listen to any Rush either. Are we really sad about the Bais Hamikdosh? I think not. But it’s fun to put on the act for a few weeks and pretend to be sad by avoiding music, movies, haircuts, and concerts. It saves some money, and that makes us happy too.

Are you sad about the loss of a giant slaughterhouse where kohanim and levi’im get free stuff for no good reason and put on a show full of blood and dead animals? If so search for moshiach at 4Torah.com