What’s the strangest Chinese Auction prize you’ve seen?

oorah-jewish-tzedakaDespite the fact that I’m against Chinese Auctions because they make tzedaka into something which there must be immediate reward for, I find myself looking at them anyway. Sure, I feel like a hypocrite whenever I sign up for another $100k raffle to support an organization I’ve never heard of, but I might as well get some fantasy for my maiser money eh. Most Chinese Auctions are doing the same old thing, sheitles, washing machines, a sefer torah, trip to israel, and some electronic equipment.

Today, while browsing Vos Iz Neias for articles that make frum Jews look bad, I clicked on one of those blinking ads that could only be for free porn downloads of some sort of gambling site. Lo and behold, it was for a frum gambling site which made it quite hard to see if it was actual gambling or gambling in the name of tzedaka, kind of like how your lotto money goes to pay for schools.  It’s almost like you can invent an organization overnight, get some cheesy free porn web designer guy to make a flashy website and pay for a couple months of ad space on the frum news sites. Then you can keep 40% of the “tzedaka” to pay for your “administrative” costs. A Time happens to be a great organization, but I find that Chinese Auctions cheapen the organization to be known for its prizes rather than its charity.

Enough of my hypocritical rambling, one of the auction prizes is a firstborn donkey registered to you: For Just $36 you may be able to win the strangest prize in the short history of frum Chinese Auctions, I can’t wait to see if Kars4Kids could come up with better.

Peter ChamorIncludes 1 firstborn donkey that will be owned by you at time of birth, and choice of sheep or goat for the redemption of the donkey to any Kohen of choice.

One the bottom of the prize after it says restrictions may apply and must be an  authentic Yisroel to win, it also says “for more details see Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 321.

If you’ve seen better or stranger please let me know.

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