Why don’t we just call it the Israeli Gay Parade?

Gay-MarriageThere are plenty of people who feel the need to blame the Charedim for problems in Israeli society, but I’d like to point my finger at two groups that should just form their own country. The Feminists and The Gays (and all their evil henchmen/women/undecideds aka the LGBTQxyz – soon it may just turn into pie where we don’t exactly know how many letters to place after LGBT) Women of the wall made the Charedim and anyone against the desecration of our holy sites to be a sexist pig and now the Gays are making anyone who’s true to the Torah, look like an evil bigot. Nowhere in the Torah does it say that bigots and sexists are evil, in fact, we would probably be praised by society if this was a different time. Maybe the pre-Kennedy, hat-wearing days.

So the Gays want to show their support for Israel, by waving a bunch of rainbow flags and touting their desecration of the land of the Jewish people. Haven’t they learned from Hurricane Sandy, that they do no good for the Jews. Everyone knows that the Gays are responsible for Sandy and now they want to curse Israel with their evil doings. Bad things may befall Israel if we let this Toievah into our sacred parade.

Are we really bigots for being against deviant behavior? Does that make anyone who follows ancient religion a bigot suddenly? What if the bestiality and man love association wanted to march and show their “support” for Israel? Would we let them? While we’re on the subject, I wonder how anyone who isn’t a full supporter of Israel could march, if they gays supported Israel, they would go to JONAH and become real Jews again, they wouldn’t be cursing Israel with their boy shorts and pink tank tops.

Show your support for Israel this Sunday and join the Niturei Karta in protesting this evil desecration of God’s country, remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Many Rabbonom have stated that supporting those who are against the parade is a halachic obligation of every Jew. If the support for Israel doesn’t come from Jews who follow the proper derech, we don’t want it at all.

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