This Rabbi holds that murder cases should be handled by Gedolim!!!

sex offenderAs if it weren’t enough that Yisroel Belsky “handled” the case of of molestor Yosef Kolko by continuing to stand by him after he confessed to sexually abusing a little boy, Rabbi Richard Handler has come out in the Jewish media to let us know how extreme mesirah is to be taken. “Mesirah is not to be taken lightly” Rabbi Handler recently told the Jewish media, “in fact I hold that mesirah is assur in all cases, even murder”. Even I am shocked, I completely understand that they don’t want the police handling sexual abuse, it’s not exactly against halacha and so it’s not exactly something that’s assur and so it’s not exactly one of those things that the frum community cares about. I was as taken aback as you are.

It would be one thing if the gedolim knew how to handle anything anymore, but it seems they have lost their power. It seems as if the community is beginning to trust the goyishe laws more than actual halacha. How else can you explain perfectly frum Jews who wish to turn over cases to the goyishe police? Do they not understand that this is against halacha. In fact, it’s more against halacha to tell the police about a molestation case than it is to actually molest someone. I’ve even heard that molestation carries a lesser penalty than wasting seed.

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