I shushed someone in shul yesterday

shul shusherMy theory on people shushing others for talking in shul is that they’re just jealous of those talking and having a grand old time in the back row. If they had true kavannah they wouldn’t notice anyone talking, they say that Rav Moshe’s father used to take a really long time when davening shemona esrei and so his boss one time decided to teach him a lesson and shoot a gun near him, he had so much kavannah that he didn’t even notice. If these shushers were on such a high medriega, they could live others talking in shul. With that said, I hate when people decide to talk during the rabbis speech.

Today in shul, two people decided to have a conversation while the rabbi was speaking. It didn’t help that these two people aren’t regulars and it didn’t help that they were sitting near me. I shushed once and they didn’t seem to notice, someone else shushed and they just went on blabbing in supposed undertone. In a more east coast  style community, someone would probably have gone up to them, but here on the west coast they say that men aren’t real men. I had a grand scheme in my head, but I’m sure that I would have been called out for publicly embarrassing the two guys.

It’s not like I was even listening to the rabbi, in fact I was reading a Rav Moshe biography, but I felt bad for all the other folks who I knew wouldn’t have enough balls or know how to shush these MFers that decided that their conversation was more important than the weekly fire and brimstone that was coming from the Rabbi.

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