Heshy Fried accidentally Photo-Bombs The Hamodia

I’m pretty sure the Rabbi of my shul in San Jose has an in at the Hamodia, why else would they keep printing articles about our tiny community far away from any major frum population? Still, it’s nice to stop by the bulletin board on the way to do negel vasser and take a look at what latest shul event has made it to the Hamodia or Mishpacha or Yated. Tonight after maariv, my wife noticed that I was in one of the pictures from the shul dinner. There I am, stuffing my face (my cheeks are filled with food) wearing a suit for the first time since my wedding and displaying a look of mischief. I’m sure if the fine editors at Hamodia had done their research correctly, I would have been the latest in a serious of censored photographs.

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