Why Baal Teshuvas are bad for the frum community

I already know this post is going to disliked by some of you, but I hope that some of you will be open minded enough to read through it and understand that this is not against the entire Baal teshuva community, it is just against those of them that pollute the frum community with outside ideals. I’ve been thinking about this idea that BT’s are not all that great for the frum community because they expose us to secular ideals from their former lives. Even though many Baal Teshuvas go through a denial stage (when they deny their former lives and insist that they grew up frum) many of them bring things into their communities that wouldn’t have been introduced had it not been for this BT infestation. I was reading Pop Chossid today and he had a post about his obviously BT views on Gay Marriage and I almost blew a gasket.

If not for Baal Teshuvas you probably would never have the opportunity to meet a frum liberal, you would probably also never have met a frum toievah supporter, yet the BT infestation of our communities have forced these supposedly Torah observant people into our midst. Not only are their supposedly frum, gay marriage supporting Jews out there, you can now have the pleasure of meeting real live frum from birth liberals. I know that many of you genuine Baalei Teshuva’s are shaking your head, but I swear to you that the ills of the secular community have become our own ills as those who’ve become frum over the last 20 years settle in our communities. They bring their pop culture, goyishe music, goyishe levush, and liberal ideals with them from their pre-aish/chabad years and it slowly seeps into our culture.

Did the OU get up during the women’s revolution and take a stand? I think not, yet suddenly they have decided to take a stand on Gay Rights, merely taking a stand acknowledges that those who wish to get rights granted for their abominations was a hava minah in the minds of some folks who call themselves orthodox. This issue could have been a non-issue, yet the secular influence, made easier by the influx of BT’s is slowly degrading the moral value system of the frum community.

Have you noticed that the Off The Derech community just so happens to be exploding as the kiruv industry is undergoing a massive boom? Have you noticed that those going OTD are probably a direct result from secular influence of the BT community, because there’s no other way those frummies could have been exposed any other way.

Before you jump down my throat for being an insensitive FFB part of the master race of litvishe/ungarish yichus, just look at the yeshivish music industry and their need to copy internet sensations, the raised level of divorce, the increase in the sexual abuse of girls (it used to be only boys) and the increased need to have vegetables at kiddush. I’m pretty sure that the gedolim couldn’t pull off a BT Asifa without losing half their funding and so they blamed our ills on the internet.

When I was growing up there was no such thing as a frum anti-Torah liberal, yet Pop Chossid has proved to us that the Baal Teshuvas are for worse for us than the internet could ever hope to be.

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