Boycott Michael Savage

from ken krimsteins book Kvetch as Kvetch CanIt was only time until one of Orthodox Judaisms biggest supporters would be turned into a whining anti-Orthodox liberal. As I listened to Savage the other night, I checked repeatedly to make sure I wasn’t tuned into NPR (you have to know your enemies and NPR is the best way to know them). For all of you who don’t know, Michael Savage was one of the only talk show hosts that stood behind the Jewish community, no matter what. Pollard pardons, Israel rights, and religious freedom to marry only women were some of the Orthodox issues he championed. We thought he was with us, we figured that Mr. Weiner a fellow Jew, would stand by our side through thick and thin.

We were wrong…

Micheal Savage decided to jump on the liberal bandwagon against our time honored tradition of Bris Milah. He used, 2 isolated cases of babies dying after metzitzah b’peh, (blood sucking by our helige mohelim) to further case against ritual circumcision. It was a terrible day for orthodoxy. Never did I imagine that a right wing talk show host would be convinced by the liberal media to support the banning of bris milah.

Since the year 2000, only 13 babies have died due to metzitzah b’peh, does that warrant a ban? Have you ever heard Mr. Savage talk about banning guns, he would rather have 100,000 gun deaths a year, than do anything that “paves” the way for gun banning. Yet, here we are doing exactly that, we are paving the way (via the classic, it’s barbaric) for the banning of ritual circumcision.

Next up on Savage, have you heard about the way those Jews slaughter their animals….

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