Everybody suddenly loves Quinoa on Pesach

Quinoa sucks and I’m sure most of you would agree, if it didn’t suck you’d have people eating it as is, like they do with rice, but instead quinoa is usually dressed up with all sorts of things to mask its earthy, nutty and dirt-like flavor. Sure, I eat quinoa once in a while, but not often enough to be bothered by the politics between kashrus agencies and Rabbis around the subject. Yes, I’m bothered by the fact that once quinoa became something cool and daring to eat on Pesach, it was suddenly banned. I’m not bothered by the fact you can’t really find kosher for pesach quinoa because it tastes like dirt.

If someone asked if I eat quinoa on pesach, I would answer that yes I would eat quinoa on pesach, if I were holed up with some hippies in Mendocino who laced it with really good marijuana oil and had enough fresh produce to mask the dirty grain.

I always enjoy the quinoa debate, because it seems that most of those bitching about the OU not taking a stance on quinoa don’t even eat the stuff. You want to eat quinoa or kitnyos? Go right ahead, I can assure you that God couldn’t care less and you will not be smote. Just make sure your toilet bowl cleaner and lighter fluid doesn’t have any chometz in it.