What does Pesach have to do with coming out of the closet?

I just got this in the mail and it actually makes sense that coming out of the closet is the LGBTQA (whatever happened to just LGBT, it’s getting too long to roll off your tongue) persons personal exodus. I’m sure we have our very own personal exoduses, I myself felt like that when I came out of the closet and admitted to myself and finally to my friends that I wasn’t a tea party conservative anymore and had some liberal leanings. Sure, people were shocked and threatened to disown me, it’s very hard to find FFB’s who are sympathetic to the liberal cause (to make us all into gay fart sniffing Commies of course) and even harder to find FFB’s who are still frum and somewhat left of extreme right is very hard and so this was my own exodus.

Join Keshet for an Exodus-influenced night of LGBTQA storytelling and conversation. This night will focus on inter-generational sharing of stories of hardship and liberation:whether it’s your coming out story, a story of personal or communal liberation, or a story about a way that you still feel enslaved. We’d love to see people of all ages, Jewish backgrounds, and identities – bring your friends! Dinner will be provided, but feel free to bring your own snack to share! This is the first meeting of this LGBTQ intergenerational discussion group. We hope to have more, so please bring your ideas for the future. Space for this event is limited to 15, soRSVP soon!

What was your own personal exodus?