Get a matzo case for your iPhone

I haven’t really gone on an anti-smart phone rant in some time and that’s a good thing, because just last week I became the last person in the first world to get a phone with a camera and internet. I was always anti-smart phone, but joining my wife’s plan made sense and the dumb phones cost more than the iPhone which was free. Of course, I hear having a smart phone hurts your shidduch resume and general rapport with the rapidly shrinking community of anti-internet frummies. So I’ve had an iPhone for a week and I’m totally down with it and I now have my first case for it, which looks like a piece of machine made matzah.

I’m fairly certian that the folks making the matzah case for the iPhone (matzo for the secular crowd) didn’t actually go into the fact that most people hold that you must eat shmurah matzah at the sedarim to get a mitzvah. The person who sent me the matzo case merely asked if I had an the 4 or 5 version of the iPhone and not whether or not I wanted the case to look like machine made, hand made, shmurah, sephardic, temani, wheat, spelt, oat, rye or quinoa matzah. And so I am stuck with the regular old manishevetz (may not even be kosher for pesach) iPhone matzah case.

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