Mir Yeshiva hosts auditions for Cotton Club

There’s nothing more exciting to the Yeshiva world than Cotton Club entertainment. For those of you who remember, the Cotton Club was a jazz nightclub in Harlem (in the 1920-40s) where white people could watch black people (aka “darkies”) perform. Aren’t we proud to be Americans? The yeshiva world still loves this kind of entertainment. Bucherim get all giddy when they hear a person of color speaking in yiddish or singing a niggun (double checking my autocorrect — OK, we’re good).┬áIn honor of this month of joy… you can get your kicks here.

Is this a way to reach over the ecumenical divide and unite the world by sharing upbeat music? or is this another example of the inherent culture of racism found in a world where even the sfardim are too dark for their taste? You tell me…

Oh, and happy Adar.

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