Without Asshole commenters, most frum sites would be boring!

The Pop Chossid dude posted an article in response to the anonymous vs. non-anonymous commenting and blogging debate that’s been raging on frum blogs this week. The article basically says that if you have asshole commenters it’s your own fault and they’re absolutely right. I could have changed the comments on this site a long time ago, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. There is nothing quite like a good old troll getting everyone’s panties in a bunch.

But my asshole commenters are nothing, if you really want to see some real live schmucks you need to visit Vos Iz Nieas, Yeshiva World News or Matzav. Those sites are constantly trying to come up with ways to tone down their comments section. Every few months, some frummy with kishke lodged in their tuchus jumps on their high horse to try and get Matzav to ban comments. Everyone knows that the only reason to read these frummy sites which repost edited versions of the same articles you find on major news websites is for those anonymous asshole commenters.