Dear Heshy: Why don’t you support Israel?

Apparently it wasn’t just the folks in the comments who took my very sarcastic comment about Israel seriously. Check out this email I received yesterday from a reader that really disturbs me, because if people took such an obvious joke seriously – I wonder how they take the not so obvious stuff?

Hey Hesh,

I’m a fairly recent reader (been reading since Pesach) and I’m wondering why you said in your post about the 10 things you hate about modern orthodox shuls that you didn’t support Israel. Not only did you say that you don’t support Israel, I was mildly offended by the part when you said “you spit in disgust” as you leave during the prayer for Israel. I’ve not met too many folks as modern and as open minded as yourself who are not supportive of Israel in one way or another. I have definitely come across some people who don’t know how to approach the topic of Israel as liberals, they don’t have the ability to deal with the occupation and so they choose to avoid it all together.

I have approached many of your posts with the possibility of satire in mind, but it seemed like you were serious. You also mentioned in a comment that you support the Niturei Karta, while I wouldn’t necessarily stop reading your blog if this was indeed a factual statement, I consider the Niturei Karta on a level equal to Hamas. The Niturei Karta are openly against the Jewish people and someone with a mind like yours probably just needs a little education so you can come to your senses.

I hope that you can open your mind and come to see Israel as the Jewish homeland and a necessity for all Jews.

A Fan

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