Saw You On Frum Satire

Every once in a while I get back into shidduchim, I thought of a great idea to set up two people the other day and I went through the motions. This involved pictures, details into their lives an all that stuff that people could have just gotten out of the way by going out for drinks for a half hour. I’m not sure why people can’t simply get off their butts and have an hour date instead of doing all this research, but that is how these people were. The guy said yes, the girl said yes and then the guy basically said that he wasn’t interested. I was mad of course and I’m still kind of mad, because it really doesn’t take much to go out on a date, we’re all adults here right?

Sure, I’m guilty of such things, if my wife wouldn’t have asked me out nothing would ever have happened between us, but whenever a friend of mine had an idea I took them up on the offer. In fact, I was of the opinion that if someone was willing to trust me with any girl for any period of time, it must be bashert. Through my limited experience on the shadchan end of things, I’ve noticed that girls are way easier to set up and generally less finicky than guys. Guys look at the girls facebook page and they think they know everything, girls ask questions that actually make sense and then the guys usually say “eh, not for me”.

I have heard that shidduch dating is emotionally and physically draining, I guess for me this was never the case because I always took girls hiking on dates. People get to into impressing each other that they don’t end up being themselves and the whole “best foot forward” thing becomes a game of lying.

Anyway, I’m kind of thinking that I should try to utilize this here blog as a shidduch site again.I get the itch to post shidduch profiles every now and then, I know that there’s a whole frum satire underground of people who regularly date, meet, hookup and form friendship with people they met on the blog or through commenting on my facebook stuff. Still, I kind of wish some of you could send me your bio’s, dating profiles, shidduch resumes and whatever else it is that could do some out of the box dating site marketing for you free of charge. If you’re willing to put yourself on frumster or saw you at sinai, why not on frum satire.

I would love to have a site called Saw You On Frum Satire, but until then, I have this blog and it makes me feel special knowing I can utilize it in anyway to help some of you folks find that special someone. I will not turn any shidduch profile away, though I do encourage you to make it entertaining.