Will Lipa Schmeltzer be put in cherem for featuring Hot Chanies in his latest video?

I watched the latest chanukah video from Lipa Schmeltzer and I could swear that he’s going to be the next off the derech musician, just like the Matisyahu beard-gate fiasco, Lipa has gone where no “frum” or “heimishe” artist has ever gone before. His latest video features women and these women are not just little girls, but full blown Hot Chanies wearing sheitles that cost more than my car. One can also argue that a chanukah video should not be promoting assimilation, yet the following Lipa video does just that. I wonder when someone is going to put him in cherem? Good thing his beard has been significantly shortened over the years, or else he may need to deal with even more criticism than this video is likely to generate.

Does anyone else notice the chabad theme?

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