If you’re going to send hate mail, make it good!

Hate mail and hateful comments are just another aspect of blogging, it’s almost a certainty that no matter what you write or say, someone will be offended. You can try to defend yourself all you want, but once in a while it pisses someone off enough to say things that ordinary people would probably crawl under their desk to have a few private sobbing moments to themselves. I’m sure I would do the same if I had a heart and a soul, but since I’m just another heartless bastard with no feelings, I shrug them off as if it were shrapnel hitting The Terminator. Still, I find some of the hate mail and exchanges quite comical. When I first started blogging it focused on the mockery and chillul Hashem, then they moved on to my terrible grammar and finally in the last 6 months they’ve decided to curse my marriage and tell my wife that she is a whore (they must be Satmar).

The latest “hate mail” exchange came from a recently joined obviously spam account on Facebook. The fellow by the name of Mark Donnor decided to tell my wife that I fooled around with other girls before marriage, I guess in his world husbands and wives keep such things from each other and pretend that all of their bedroom moves were learned from ruach hakodesh. “I swear honey, I learned that move from a malach who visited me while I was doing tikkun chatzos“. When she respondedhe called her a whore and so on.

At first when we married, my wife was pretty offended by anonymous commenters calling her names and telling us that we should be cursed and so on. I was finally able to convince her that it’s all a game, no one really takes trolls seriously, but it took some getting used to. I’ve been having people tell me that I’m a chillul hashem and an asshole for 7 years, you have to develop your thick skin. Comments and facebook shouldn’t mean much either because it takes no work, now if you get a phone call or an email, that actually required someone to make a fake email address to harass you.

What I truly miss, is the devout critical email that tries to give me a mussar, I like those, but they take work and the person writing it usually cares about your soul. I miss long emails of responsa like in talmudic times and I miss thoughtful hate mail in general. I’ve noticed that people rarely email anymore, as more and more of us become accustomed to acronyms and texting and so the hate mail has taken a dive. I can’t even remember when the last time I saw a good hate mail message.

Insulting my wife is not considered good hate mail, it’s not classy and you will probably be cursed for it. You can pay kabalists in Israel to curse pople you know.

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