Giving a helping paw.

Aside from FrumSatire’s  recent “no new blog post crisis” in our community, there have been many other problems we have been dealing with over the past few weeks. Probably nothing greater than last week’s storm. I myself am still suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the terrible devastation it brought to my community and to me personally.  I lost a lot, we were hit hard where I live. But I’m not complaining and I’m not asking for a handout. B”H I’ll be OK. I have a lot of money from my legal settlement and can afford to repair what needs to be repaired. Well, by that I mean the physical repair.

I suffered a loss that cannot be easily repaired. My dog is not OK, and neither are the many pets who were impacted by the terrible devastation.  My little Eliyahu Eliezer, a borsolinohound, got lost in the storm and I don’t expect I’ll ever see him again. Many other pets were lost to the rushing waters too. I see many strays running around the street — especially in the neighborhood nearby, which was particularly hit badly.  Our local pet store was flooded completely, and there was a huge dumpster in front with all the food and toys dumped there.  A huge display of ba’a’ tashchis for the ba’a’ei chayim that give us companionship and love.

We have a pet care crisis and if you are so inclined to help those of us who were impacted by the superstorm, please don’t forget to help our pets too. They need it more than we do. They need food, toys, shelter, and love.  Dogs have always been a Jew’s best friend — certainly in Mitzrayim when they did not bark at us.  Less so in Germany — but we can forgive them, they were just following orders. They are dogs after all.

Dogs play a very important part of a frum family’s life. I hope that you will join me in supporting the Calba Savu’ah fund to help our canine friends as they too try to recover from this tragedy. Tizku L’Mitzvos if you do.

I hope that once we recover from the disaster that befell our pets, our homes, and our communities, we can soon see the day that Heshy will return to blogging more often. Reading his musings, with my dog on my lap, is perhaps the nicest way to spend an evening. Alas I have no dog anymore, and have nothing from Heshy to read as of late. May Hashem make us whole again.

Find out how to help local frum dogs displaced by the storm on