If not for my wife, I wouldn’t have known of Hurricane Sandy

As some of you may have noticed I haven’t been online much lately, no real reason for that, except for one day realizing that I hadn’t blogged, facebooked or wasted time on youtube or wikipedia for a couple of weeks and not missing it all. If not for that wife of mine on her droid telling me about the super storm some of you folks are experiencing right now I wouldn’t have had any idea it was happening.If you’re unhooked from the web and spending your time cooking and mountain biking, there’s not really anyway I could have known that New York is having some killer white water kayaking conditions right now.

To tell the truth, it’s quite easy for me to just not use the internet at all. Checking your email after 2 weeks is kind of a drag and I do have to pay most of my bills on the tenth of the month, but suddenly it all seems like a waste to me. You can thank Mr. Rosenbach for a very long winded inspirational email and my wife for nudging me back into this blogging thing. I can’t say it will be like before, now that I couldn’t care less about comments or getting that extra couple hundred people a day, but who knows.

If you have any good Jewish Hurricane Sandy pictures that are fake or real please email them to me at frumsatire@gmail.com

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