Looking for a gay sperm donor

Just got this in my inbox…If you happen to know of anyone, I can give you their contact info.


I’ve been approached by a lesbian couple who are seeking a [preferably gay, preferably Jewish] sperm donor to help them start a family. If this is something that speaks to you at this moment in your life, send me an email, and I will forward it on to them for consideration. This is what they say:

“We are a lesbian couple in our mid-late thirties living in the East Bay, and we are interested in having a baby. We are looking to meet a man, preferably Jewish and preferably gay, who is interested in donating sperm to us and willing to be an anonymous or a known donor, but not a parental figure (although we are open to talking about different roles that may be possible with the right person…”

May it be a new year of many happy, new beginnings.