Stern Girl Strippers!

Rochel Goldberg has a fitness studio in Flatbush called Got Pole? and it’s not a joke. I’m kind of happy that it’s not a joke, I like to think of a bunch of frummies doing stripper moves while their husbands shteig at kollel, I like to think of a bunch of shaved head chassidic women dancing to MBD’s greatest hits while their husbands sell cameras or make real estate deals. It’s that I’m thinking of these women doing sexy time in some basement fitness/ strip club fantasy – studio in Far Rockaway, but I like to think that this sort of thing is good for the mind, body and soul.

The Forward blog has a piece about Jewish women getting into pole dancing for fitness, (by now it seems Frum Satire readers are calling it the Stern Girl Stripper Article) I’m not sure whether I should have an opinion on the ethics of the issue, oh fine. According to halacha it’s got to be wrong, because it gives women more power over man than she already has, they can now gyrate and spin their batons before Friday night bia. It also brings in sexuality to a place outside of the mikvah and bedroom. Then again, it helps women stay in shape and makes them better at shalom bayis issues (better foreplay/stripping shows – better home)

I just can’t believe that a frum women named her studio Got Pole?

Hat Tip to JameelĀ 

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