Proof that the Internet Asifa worked

I had to dig deep into my google statistics the other day to get some information for an advertiser and I noticed something startling. While my traffic for the months of June and July was quite normal, my traffic sources from regular keywords were completely different than normal. You see, I normally get a lot of traffic from the following explicit and religious terms – like Frum Porn, Frum Sex, Naked Chabad Girls, Bais Yaakov Girls Gone Wild, Tefillin Date and Chassidic Girls. Since the Internet Asifa this google search traffic from frum folks obviously trying to sin has gone down.

Could it be that the Internet Asifa had a profound enough effect on the frum community that they’ve given up their evil ways? I doubt it, but we could only hope. Apparently post Asifa internet filter sales at B and H are way up and this could also be the cause. It could also be that someone finally figured out there no such thing as frum porn…

If any other website operators can confirm this to be true it would be interesting, while I did have 75,000 people visit this site last month, not all of them were frum and not all of them were looking for porn. The sample set is too small and I’d love to hear any other proof that the Asifa worked.

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