The stupidest idea for a post in a long time

Every once in a while when I have nothing interesting to throw in my status update on Facebook, I’ll ask if anyone has any post ideas for me. 9 times out of 10 they are super lame and give me some ego boost that proves I have some knack for churning our posts on a variety of topics without any help at all. Once in a rare while, they are so stupid that I feel I need to share them with you. The following idea was just posted on my FB wall. 

TL told me to tell you about my idea this Shabbat: a husband walks in front of his wife, and between them are hanging two ropes: one from his left shoulder to her left shoulder, and one from his right shoulder to her right shoulder. Suspended from the middle of the two ropes is a mehitzah separating the two people.

There are many ways in which this is a bad idea, first off the mechitza couldn’t be put up when she was a niddah, unless they didn’t hold of niddah, it is common these days for liberal folk not to hold of many niddah by-products and maybe those more liberal couples could get away with the portable husband and wife mechitza. What about crossing streets? Drunken drivers and children? What about the lack of an eruv? There are just too many issues and problems to make this dumb idea work. Since when do husband and wife need a mechitza walking to shul anyway?

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