Nu, why haven’t you been blogging much lately?

The last few weeks have been very hectic with work, the week before last was 55 hours and last week was close to 75 hours – followed by some fun times with the wife in Yosmite, Mammoth and LA. Next week I’ll backpacking with a friend in Northern California along the Pacific Crest Trail and the week after that will be a trip to Baltimore followed by Rosh Hashanah. Busy times are abound, but fear not, the ideas list is piling up and I just need a day to get it all out onto the computer. Tomorrow may be the right opportunity, but in the meantime I’m always looking for guest posters to keep some material on the blog while I’m in the woods or the kitchen. And plus I’ve been doing the daf so I can one day have a minivan with a cooler sticker than any honor roll student ever had.