Did you get caught clicking on the Naked Bais Yaakov picture on Facebook

I know I’m behind on my frum Jewish news, but even though this story happened on Friday it’s too funny to pass up. My wife informed me that there was this fake naked bais yaakov girls picture (it was the one featured here) floating around Facebook that when clicked on was automatically posted to your wall. The interesting thing about it was that it showed up in everyone’s news feed and some of the folks clicking on it didn’t realize it was public. Naturally I tried clicking on it so it would post to my wall and everyone would start shouting pritzus at me, but it didn’t work.

I heard that some of the folks who clicked on the picture weren’t exactly the “types” to look at such things, I never knew there was a certain type of guy who appreciated pictures of naked girls, but I learn something new every day. I do wonder when yeshivas will start getting into facebook sleuthing to the point of making apps to spy on their students and parents. Maybe this was maybe a lure to test the waters and see if it’s not high time to spy on people rather than try to ban internet or make folks get filters.


Just a tip: whenever someone posts something weird on my FB wall, I first delete it and then visit that persons profile if they were hacked they get blocked.