Mindy Meyer is an idiot

I honestly thought the whole Mindy Meyer campaign was a spoof, it was definitely Onion worthy, I was a little jealous that I couldn’t have been the one to think of something so silly. Then I saw her on an ABC interview and I nearly lost my lunch. Not only was she serious about running her pink barbie girl sex appeal (in her non-photo-shopped pictures) campaign, her thick Brooklyn accent and brainless comments made Sarah Palin sound like a genius. Now take a gander at her campaign ad, paid by “frienz of Mindy Meyer”.

I’m just wondering why the Jewish community hasn’t said anything. Nit only is she embarrassing herself, she’s embarrassing the community – I’m sure there are some idiots who think this is good because it “proves” that orthodox women do have jobs, but in reality it makes them look like idiots. I just hope that no one really thinks there’s a community of Mindy Meyers’ somewhere in the enclave of Flatbush as the media keeps calling her neighborhood. The Jewish channel interview (start it at 3:40) of her is the most embarrassing of all and you can see her extreme hocker campaign manager.