Facebook is boring when you’re not trying to get some

Now that I’m not trying to score with the ladies, Facebook has gotten kind of boring. I used to be clever in my status updates and pretty much use Facebook as a tool to get girls. I’m sure that most people aren’t as shallow as me, but besides for bragging about my awesome life, marketing my blog and talking to people I don’t want to give my number to – Facebook is pretty much useless. Unlike most people who utilize Facebook for so many great thing instead of wasting time wandering the internet aimlessly, I never used it for much more than girls and with that era over with I’m wondering what to do with all the time that is suddenly opened up for me now that I don’t need to spend hours looking at all my hot fans on Facebook.

I’s harder than you think, Facebook girl watching took up so much time that now I almost feel like doing something constructive with my “every stalkers dream Facebook profile” like getting shidduchim for friends and doing some sort of Facebook chesed, like chatting with friends who seem to have no life outside of their fake reality. I guess it’s a good thing that no one’s clever enough anymore to write their own status updates and they just re-share pictures with funny quotes on them.

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