What’s an overweight shidduch seeker to do?

I’m not exactly sure if there’s a shidduch crisis anymore, maybe they figured it out after all. However, someone recently asked me why there were no shidduch groups or singles events for frum folks struggling with their weight, obesity does exist in the frum community and that was a fairly interesting question. Considering the fact that when it comes to shidduchim so many things are hidden, weight problem is something you can’t hide. In fact, if someone says they are willing to date someone who’s not exactly a size 2 – I automatically view them as open minded, no matter how racist or homophobic they may be.

So what’s someone struggling with their weight supposed to do…you can’t exactly hide from the shadchan and you can’t exactly convince a bunch of men weened on secular society’s expectations of women to just start dating women who aren’t rails. So all you chubby folk can just comment here and find yourself a date, many people have utilized frum satire for their dating purposes so go ahead.