Help Tamar Heal

Helping HandDear Heshy, and readers of this blog,

Like you, I’m one of the many of the readers of this blog. A few weeks ago, someone attacked this blog suggesting this was all a chillul hashem, and that we are all destined to hell. You all fought back by taking the time to comment and show that we have a virtual community here of people who care. Some here are frum, some are not, and we are not defined by our frumkeit, but our humanity, integrity, and humor. You are all decent people who care enough to come to this site, enjoy the satire, make some jokes, poke fun, and challenge each other about what is really right and wrong. Some of you went so far as to say this is actually a kiruv site — a place where people can restore their sense of goodness in spite of some of the negative elements of frum culture today.

One of the reader (and occasional commenter) on this site needs your help. But this time, it’s not by posting blog comments, liking this page on facebook, or tweeting it — though you should do that too. She needs your financial generosity here:

Tamar is frum, a survivor of prolonged and significant childhood sexual abuse. She and her husband are raising 4 wonderful kids. Her husband is not sitting in kollel looking for a handout. He’s a professional with an advanced degree, he makes money, just not enough of it. He’s honest and a mentch. And of course, with kids in day school, living in the frum community — well you know the score — you make every sacrifice you can. And they do. But Tamar’s mental health has  taken a turn for the worse, and she needs the kind of help that goes beyond what their health insurance covers.  They are looking at all their options, and one of them is to appeal to the generosity of like-minded people who would be willing to spare the cost of a tank of gas and paypal it to some site for no other reason than it’s a mitzvah. It will help one of those people we care about here — who are frum, but don’t fit in for some reason that is not their fault.

For years Tamar was quiet about her situation. The frum community has not been very accepting or supportive of victims. Things are changing, and this blog — I mean you the readers are part of this change. We are beginning to see a frum community that shows compassion for victims. One that no longer sweeps these stories under the rug in order to protect the perps. You see it with people “coming out” and standing up for what is right.

There are a lot of readers on this blog. If all of you donated even a small sum of money, it would be a lot. If some of you donated something mechubadik, even better. If you donate b’zchus someone else who was victimized and seeking recovery in the frum community, even better. Say so in the comment when you make your donation.

Tamar is one of us, she reads and comments here, like you do. She’s been in the hospital for the past two weeks and needs our help now.

A reader in the Frum Satire Virtual Community.

P.s. — I know this is a satire blog. But this post is legit. I know the person, this money is being collected by a friend and will be used to help. I’m not asking for you to put $1000 into the air — but if you donate twice chai, that’s not even a tank of gas.

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