Do Jews really have small penises?

From Gawker: San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum has launched a lovely exhibition in honor of the Jewish holiday Tu B’Shevat, or New Year for the Trees. One component of the exhibition includes a wishing tree that encourages people to write out and hang their wishes on the branches. Check out what little Max Goldman wants for Chanukah…
Of course you need to check out the comments section to see the multitudes of ladies switching off between the opinion of whether or not Jew’s have large members. Although everyone loves to make small penis jokes at brisim about the mohel cutting too much off, in my vast penile experience – I haven’t notice much difference between the religions or sexes (I do live in San Francisco after all) In all seriousness, the largest penises I have seen all belong to frummies who are the sons gerim. So I guess converts do offer more to the shidduch world than their lack of tesachs.

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