Can you please get rid of the untznius dating ads on your site?

The funny thing about advertising is that it’s not only controlled by what sort of content you’re looking at, it’s also controlled by what content you like to look at. It appears that I like half naked Latin women and gosh darn it their damned right, I’m all about half naked Latin women and therefore the ads on Frum Satire are filled with those brown beauties every time I log on to moderate spam or edit a post. It appears that my wife’s preferences are Muslim women, because she keeps getting an ad for the Muslim version of Frumster. Apparently some of the real frummy crowd who keeps asking me if I know about the hardcore pornographic dating ads on my site are into hardcore pornographic dating sites, but haven’t had enough shabbos meals in Silicone Valley to know about advertisers and their cookies schemes.

This reminds me of the time that Rabbo Orlofsky went on a rant in one his well attended Ohr Someyach shiurim about how his email inbox was filled with penis enlargement spam, it appears that spam may be directly related to your true desires and so to are the ads on my site. Obviously, I have tried to tell google that frum Jews are so sexually repressed that elbows and knees make them waste millions of sperm each year, but google just felt that meant I didn’t want any ads for for joint pain meds. In all honesty I got rid of many ads, but I can’t help it if you frummies visit dating sites too often. We should take this time to thank the Lord that frumster girls keep their clothing on…

The emails informing me about the smut on my own site are usually from new readers, because any old timer would know that I’m blocked in all filters because of the smut I write, especially my ongoing fascination with frum porn which eists but makes you want to puke. Anyway the latest email came in the form of:

I am simply curious, do you intend on a “frum blog” to run ads featuring women in bikinis or is it beyond your control?

The funny thing is that I find these facts funny enough to keep the ads up, maybe that’s why there aren’t as many trolls anymore. Those self righteous bastards see a little ervah and they run for the beis medrish, although if they were really frum their filter would have blocked me. So, I guess part of the fun of frum satire is going to a frum site and getting a little ervah into your life.

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