Are you a non-practicing Orthodox Jew?

I was so tired yesterday when I finally got back home from the sheva brachos in NY that I hopped in bed at 3:30 and slept for 16 hours straight. I now got the gist of what some of my friends do and call the ultimate shabbos shluff. I know quite a few folks who sleep the entire shabbos, literally. As a big fan of shabbos it’s always irked me a bit to “waste” the holy day of shabbos (fressing and looking over the mechitza and finding out the latest community hock for me) on a very long nap, but the response to this is always “if I didn’t sleep I’d get so bored I’d probably break shabbos. These are what I call non-practicing frum Jews and there are many more of them.

The non-practicing frum Jew is basically someone who remains frum, but doesn’t really do anything. So they may not break shabbos, but they don’t do anything to sanctify it besides sleeping, so the question remains as to whether they are really frum. Now I know you may be wondering why we care of such trivial matters and the truth is that it’s more about informing you, rather than deep care. I couldn’t give two shits if my neighbor went to shul or not…unless he happened to be sponsoring a hot kiddush, but it’s just another interesting category of Jews within the frum community that seldom get spoken about.

These sleepers of shabbos also tend to be the kind of folks who seldom daven, put on tefillin or step foot in shul. They always take their tefillin on vacation and would never step foot in a non-orthodox place of worship, but if you ask them when the last timer they went to shul was – they will have to calculate who in their family made a bris recently. The funny thing about these folks is that they are usually true believers in Torah m’sinai and usually just say they are lazy.

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