Bnos Yaakov received literary recognition, BSDM award.

PunishmentThis week, the Bnos Yaakov Elementary school in Lakewood, NJ received the a literary award from the National Association of Misogynistic BSDM Literature Authors  (not to be confused with the other organization with the same acronym) for the now famous essay “Hot UnTnznius Women in Wet T-Shirts” published by the Lakewood View.  Dr. Whipme Latex of the organization wrote on his blog:

“The BSDM community is inspired by the creativity of the Bnos day school movement. We have always admired their sense of repression and willingness to use punishment and verbal abuse as a method of stimulating their minds sexually, but we never thought of the fantastic combination of punishment, religious guilt, and hot wet clothing.  It was truly a 4-tissue essay for me.”

Comments to his post announcing the award spoke very highly of the Lakewood community and of the state of education for Jewish girls in general.  One comment pointed out that the Bondage community uses tefilin straps for their submission parties in honor of the frum community.  Another suggests they adopt “Da’as Torah” as the official “safe phrase” that people can use during their punishment to indicate to the dominatrix they need to take a break from the pain. All agreed that frumkeit today has much to teach the BSDM world, especially in matters related to the mistreatment of women and verbal abuse of children.

Rebbitzen Shprintza Genendelstein, a board member of Bnos Yaakov responded to the award with surprise.  “We never expected recognition for the literary value of this piece.  As you can tell, the essay is full of grammatical mistakes. However the message is piercing the lives of many people, and we are happy to know that people are inspired to learn more about tznius.” I asked her if she was aware of the BSDM movement and what they stood for. She said no, she never heard of the group. “They said something about a Besomim and Masmidim group that is into Besiyata DiShmaya — I’m not sure, but I saw the BS”D on the title, so I knew it was a kosher organization.” I wasn’t going to tell her, she seemed so happy that someone on the internet liked this essay. Ah, ignorance is bliss.

A spokesperson for the Office of Gehenom Judicial Affairs, Rabbi Lucifer Iblis denied the claim by the essay that the Hell’s Angels gang in purgatory force mothers to punish their girls by wearing burning hot clothing. “We have many well-tested punishments in Gehenom, and we don’t use the boiling hot clothing garbage that Bnos Yaakov claims.  It’s just not true. We usually punish those women who teach in the girl’s schools by roping them up to a horse and rider, and then we force the girls to pin their skirts to their knees before we tug then around the gravel and see how long it takes for their skirts to ride up.”  insisted Rabbi Iblis. “We can’t have a burning pot of hot water in Gehenom, it’s against fire code.

I spoke to one of the Bnos girls in the Lakewood school and asked her what she thought of the essay.  She told me she did not understand what the fuss was all about.  The story was about how some Jewish men heard cries of other Jewish people who desperately needed help, so they dropped some money and ran away. She didn’t think the message had anything to do with tznius, but was really a critique on the Jewish Federation and their fiscal policies toward frum day schools.

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