Why frum Jews should vote for Obama

It is quite seldom that anyone of the frum ilk has anything nice to say about Obama, he seems to be whatever the opposite of moshiach is for most frum Jews. So when I received the following email I jumped for joy, not because I love or hate Obama, but because I love when frummies go against the grain. The author wished to remain anonymous for fear that he wouldn’t receive next month’s kollel check.

I cannot espouse my political views publicly for fear of retribution, my chavrusa would break up with me, my rebbe would probably revoke my kollel membership and surely my children would be thrown out of school. So I play the game, yes I’m perfectly frum (even though I have unfiltered internet – otherwise frum satire wouldn’t be accessible) so anyway I believe that frum Jews should vote for Obama and I’ll tell you why. I should preface this by saying that although I’m eligible for government benefits I do not utilize the services because of the fact that my parents and in-laws support me, why should I take welfare money out of the hands of people who don’t have generous family to support them.

I feel that it’s a loss for Judaism when public schools give off for Jewish holidays because Jewish students don’t have to feel any different when the rest of the students. So to with immoral political policy like that of the Obama administration, gay marriage is goof for the Jews because the less religious the rest of the country is the more we can maintain our separateness. So the more liberal someone is, the easier it is for us to maintain our authentic Jewish way. The second we get too comfortable with our government, is the second we start becoming lax in our ways.

Of course it’s not only gay marriage, but this is probably the most important direct breach of our Torah values in politics. Abortion bans do  not allign with halacha, neither does the death penalty, but gay marriage needs no commentary, it is simply assur in every way shape or form and so it being assur leads us to be insular rather than together with other groups.

A lot of folks comment negatively on our insularity, but I wish they would realize how long we have survived due directly to our insularity.