If you send me one more chain mail tehillim request…

Just because I write a frum blog doesn’t mean I care about your dying grandmother! Yes, it had to be said, I’m sure you’re all going to jump on my shoulders for saying such insensitive things, but if you really want people davening for your friend who was just run over by a bus, the best way is not to spam the F$%# out of me, or everyone you know. Thank God for Gmail’s new feature that allows you to see if you’re the only recipient of said email, or I would have seriously considered davening for curses to all you tehillim spam artists out there. Now if you paid me, like some folks pay kupat hair, then that’s a different story. 

Someone just forwarded me a new site which I want to bring to your attention, first because I said I’d write about, but most importantly because I bet your dying grandmother doesn’t want people like me cursing her for causing some spammy chain mail tehillim request form. So head on over to Refuah-Shelayma.org and do tehillim and prayer requests the web 2.0 (are we on 3.0 yet?) style. Apparently they are the worlds largest cholim list and tips on which tehillim work for what, I had no idea tehillim actually worked? You learn something new every day.

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