Is there really a sheep’s milk shortage or is Trader Joe’s not willing to sell Israeli Feta?

The truth is I couldn’t care less about parve chocolate chips, but this past Tuesday I couldn’t find any pastures of Eden Feta which Trader Joe’s has carried for sometime. I was told by multiple Trader Joe’s that there was some sort of Sheep’s Milk shortage in Israel, but I couldn’t help but wonder if they were just messing with the Jews. It’s not so far fetched actually, there have been a lot of people encouraging Trader Joe’s to boycott Israeli products and this amazing Feta is very Israeli. If I could request you all to contact Trader Joe’s, share this post and do anything in your power to get this cheese back on the shelves. I really hope it is an actual sheep’s milk shortage and not some divestment of Israel, I just don’t think Jews can afford to boycott Trader Joe’s.