Interesting links you may have missed

Every once in a while I like to throw down a post of links to things I found interesting, but for whatever reason couldn’t make an entire blog post devoted to them.

The most interesting OU trademark case involving a tattoo on boxer Miguel Cotto, check out Rabbi Jason’s blog which also includes other interesting OU trademark cases like the Coffee shop in Christ-Church New Zealand that uses the OU in its logo. 

I was wandering the Jewish Blogging world the other day and stumbled upon a genre I forgot existed, the shidduch blogger. One particular blogger Baby Carrot, has a post about who she thinks should be doing inter-blog dating. Unfortunately, most bloggers are hiding behind their anonymity so most shidduchim between them probably wouldn’t work out, but it’s a good way to find new blogs to look at.

Robert White, a lawyer in San Francisco has a pretty nice review of Frum Satire on his own blog, which discusses barious things ranging from local politics to Judaic philosophy.

For all of those who have been conned into going out with someone just because a bunch of the same people thought of the match, Thinking Jew Girl has one such post which reminded me of some of my past shidduch dating experience. She kept rejecting this dude, even though multiple wanted them to date. Finally she’s pushed into it, only to be rejected by said dude.

All I do is Jew, is a nice tumblr site and it’s funny so check it out.

You must check out Humans of New York, someone is going around and asking people to take their portrait and there are some very interesting pictures of Jewish folk on there, including the one of those Satmar girls in Williamsburg doing the soulja boy dance.

Coin Laundry has a very interesting interview of someone who calls himself an undercover kofer.

The following Aish article on addiction to pornography got me wondering about whether or not it’s really such a huge issue in the frum community, or if it’s just being overblown to try to be very cautious of the internet.

This counter protest outside of the Asifa will be used to gain awareness to child abuse.

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