Join the Chinuch Round Table on Frum Satire

Each week one of the most widely read newspapers in the frum world publishes a question and answer article called the Chinuch Round Table. Featuring such important questions as how to keep kids on the derech, what type of school to send their slightly open minded bais yaakov girl to and whether or how to answer 4th graders who ask why reshaim (evil peeps) are getting one way tickets to gehenom. Of course, I’m not all holy like the Yated and I have gathered some fine folks this week who’ve volunteered their time to answer this weeks question, but I am looking for folks who’d like to partake in this weekly event. The name may be changed to the Apikorus Round Table, but we may approach a variety of topics and hopefully have some fun at the same time. If you’d like to take part in answering some of the questions at some point – email me at 

Please feel free to submit questions you would like answered to be featured in the Chinuch Round Table in the comments section:

 This weeks question is whether it’s more assur to talk to girls/women online or directly?