What’s your favorite Antisemitic term?

It’s been quite some time since any Antisemitic slurs have been yelled out of car windows at me, in fact, the only place it really ever happened was in Rochester, NY. It could be that Rochester is very Antisemitic, but I’m more likely to think that Rochester being the redneck ghetto town it is, suffers more from lack of education, experience and culture – rather than higher than average populations of Antisemites. Be that as it may, I learned the term “Jew’d em’ down” while living there and have since realized that it’s my favorite Antisemitic phrase or term.

In no way am I advocating for the public usage of Antisemitic slurs, but the thing is, I usually don’t find them all that offensive. I know that all you anti-Holocaust humor and anti-Antisemitism humor people are going to come out of the word works, but one has to admit that a quick visit to urban dictionary to check out the hundreds of terms such as “Jewbag” are fairly entertaining. I’m sure that if someone at the used car lot told me to stop Jewing em’ down I may take offense, but when used among fellow Yidden it seems perfectly acceptable. In fact, I have a friend who whenever speaking about concerts in the NY area will ask if “they are kikeable” which means “can we get some good deals from scalpers?”

So what’s your favorite Antisemitic slur?

Someone on Facebook mentioned Bloodsucking Christkillers and I kinda like the ring to that one too…