Schlissel challah is commonly utilized for wife swapping

It is the custom of many Jews to make Shlissel challah the week after Pesach, the custom is to bake it in the shape of a key and to hide a key inside the dough to bring parnassah to the family. Unfortunately, many Rabbis have warned that Shlissel challah is being used as a way to have extramarital affairs. In the past, before the five towns became the unofficial hub of frum wife swapping – keys were simply given out – but Shlissel challah has become the new shabbosdick way to get a little extramarital nookie after being cooped up with your wife for all of pesach.

It is known that many couples suffer from post traumatic pesach syndrome and some have sought out new partners after Pesach. Unfortunately for our generation, many couples are being less anonymous about it. The picture below is quite graphic – so proceed at your own risk – but it was featured on the Cook Kosher website and proves that the situation is getting out of hand. At least you wife swapping adulterers could be a little discreet.