Rebbe Hologram coming to a chabad near you

Los Angeles – What are the ramifications of recreating the Lubavicther Rebbe in hologram form? Many local chabadnicks have begun to ask this question after seeing the history making performance of Tupac Shakurs gilgul, also known as the Hologram. Many in the community have been toying with the idea that he may not be dead or may be coming back as the messiah, is an artificial messiah just as good? Can any bad come out of having a virtual rebbe so that those who have never had the honor of yichidus and dollar bills can bask in his glory?

“It’s absolutely forbidden” An anonymous Rabbi who only referred to himself as Mendy told us as he rushed out of a meeting with senior chabad rabbis brought to discuss the possibility of splinter groups like the Yellow Flaggers bringing the Rebbe into a 770 fabrengin in hologram form. He did acknowledge that it would be incredible and that despite the blasphemous nature of the hologram rebbe, he would definitely attend.

Unbeknownst to the outside world, chabad has many splinter groups all revolving around the different beliefs surrounding the Rebbe and Messiah. While a majority of chabadnicks believe him to have passed on, many still hope for his return and that he will be the messiah. Unfortunately for chabad, the minorities make the most noise, so when asking a regular person about chabad – they will undoubtedly respond that all chabadnicks are meshichists (believe the rebbe is moshiach) even if they deny it. The Yellow Flaggers, Yechinicks, Tzfatim, Frenchies, Elohists and the plain old Meshichists are all for the Rebbe hologram. They say it will bring chizuk to a lost generation that doesn’t seem to know the rebbe, even though he attends 770 every day in the bodies of other people.

So, will the Rebbe Hologram be coming to a chabad near you? The likely answer is no, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a fist shaking, dollar giving, mashka drinkin’ – performance on this years chabad telethon.

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