Orthopraxy is way better than going off the derech

Too many people rag on Orthopraxy, the situation in which you look and act like a normal orthodox Jew, yet aren’t a believer, but I think it’s a way better option than going off the derech. You see, when you’re orthorpax, you get all the perks of orthodox Judaism without any of the disadvantages of leaving the community. You can break shabbos, eat treife, waste seed and have the internet even though you swore to your sons yeshiva that you don’t – and you can do all this while enjoying the immense benefits of remaining within the orthodox community. What are these benefits you may say? 

There are many benefits to those in the orthodox community, much of it having to do with community, a sense of belonging. There are the monetary benefits, like kiddush, shabbos meals and people giving you the shirts off their backs so your kid can go to yeshiva and there are the benefits of not having to be disowned by your friends and family because you felt that eating cheeseburgers on the down low was too much lying for your taste. You needed to drive publicly on shabbos, eat milk and meat without worrying about treifing up your dishes and trash talk the frum community under your real name – so you abandoned ship and what do you have to show for it?

I say to stay frum and keep your off the derechness and aspirations on the DL.