Can’t find a shidduch? Doctor in Miami offers free plastic surgery!

It seems that Yitta Halberstams article asking ugly girls to get cosmetic surgery has sparked quite a bit of controversy. Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon in Miami is offering free nose jobs to any single orthodox folks who feel that their faces are the cause for their undoing. As crazy it sounds, it all started when he made a video for The Groggers that featured their singer in the before and after stages of his nose job. In my mind, no offense Staimen, anyone who has such low self esteem to think that they need surgery may be the undoing of himself by offering this information to the world. Though I do have to hand it to them for getting all the hottest girls in their videos, so maybe it’s working.

Of course my nose isn’t of the big Jewish variety so I’m just judging, but if some girl I knew got surgery to improve her chances and it was merely cosmetic – that would seem like her head was a little screwy. Then again, I bet mister Staimen who looks exactly like Owen Wilson is enjoying the benifits of a normal size nose which include better snot retainment, less drag when running from the neighborhood watch and long push-ups.