Mitt Romney and his homosexualist agenda


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850 Plus Rabbis Denounce Romney as a “Dangerous Homosexualist”
Urge Mormon Church to Sanction Him

The Rabbinical Alliance of America, a 70 year old organization of over 850 Orthodox Jewish Rabbis in the United States and Canada, serving approximately one half-million religious Jews, has condemned the decades long pro-homosexual record of former Governor Mitt Romney.

Spokesman Rabbi Yehuda Levin declared that “While our organization does not make any endorsements of political candidates, in view of the disastrous national decline in morality, we are compelled to condemn Mitt Romney’s support and promotion of the immoral homosexual lifestyle and agenda. While we sympathize with those challenged by homosexual urges, or a desire for minors or adultery, they all remain prohibited activities that debase the practitioners and demoralize society. Governor Romney over a long political career has earned the title: ‘Dangerous Homosexualist’-one who constantly advances the militant anti-religious, anti-society, immoral homosexual agenda to the detriment of family people.”

A highly detailed exposé of Romney’s decade long proactive advancement of the homosexual agenda can be found in Amy Contrada’s book: “Mitt Romney’s Deception”. When Romney ran against Senator Ted Kennedy he wrote a letter pledging to outdo the ultra-liberal Senator in his fealty to advancing the homosexual agenda. Governor Romney also issued a proclamation “celebrating” gay youth pride. Romney kept his promise.

If one has the same wife for decades and a beautiful family personally, but advances a corrupt ideology which runs counter to his own religion and destroys the religious cultural values of society, he is like a Rabbi who says; ‘I would never eat pork but I will force-feed pig to thousands of people.’ Pig remains not kosher and he too is not kosher.

We plead with other religious denominations, most particularly the Mormon Church which maintains a traditional view regarding the homosexual agenda, to examine Romney’s record and join us in sanctioning him. The time has certainly come for other denominations to emulate the manifesto of the Central Rabbinical Congress of the U.S. and Canada which, in the early 80’s, prohibited voting for, honoring or supporting pro-homosexual agenda politicians.

Furthermore, religious people should realize that the increasing homosexualization of society increases the likelihood of Sanduski-like child abuse. Craven politicians like Mitt Romney should not be empowered to destroy the moral fiber of our country. They must be held accountable, RIGHT NOW!”

Probably the best piece of Satire I ever got from Rabbi Yehuda Levin, just waiting for him to come out of the closet. He dresses way too well to be straight.