72 frum things that make me cringe

I know a lot of you are going to agree with me here, but for those of you who aren’t into cringing – I can pretty much admit that I’ve set myself up for a sequel to this post called “frum things that make me smile”. Such as a hot mushkie (any chabad girl) bending down to pick up her siddur that fell down and giving me a grand blessed is the rebbe view.

  1. Snoods
  2. Pizza stores with sushi counters
  3. Slow lecha dodi tunes
  4. People who say shabbat that aren’t Israeli or sephardic
  5. Tikkun Olam
  6. Yeshiva guys throwing up on purim
  7. Kolko
  8. Mehadrin buses
  9. Yellow armpits on white shirts
  10. Day old cholent
  11. Old naked dudes chilling in the shvitz
  12. P’tcha
  13. Non-gebrokts matzo ball soup
  14. Men who refuse to give gets
  15. Hearing about a fast day the day before
  16. Seeing a billboard for a Dream Theater show in the 9 days
  17. Jewish music with brass and synthesizer sections
  18. Chabad mitzvah tanks
  19. Bullet proof stockings
  20. Greasy post mikvah peyos
  21. The silverware at the bottom of the mikvah
  22. Frum black sneakers
  23. Chassidish shabbos robes with shoulder pads
  24. Hashkamah minyans
  25. Taking forever to say those post laining modern orthodox shul prayers
  26. When non-frum people get pissed off that we say “by”
  27. Snags
  28. Chassidishe schitah
  29. Yom kippur musaf
  30. Kinos on tisha ba’av
  31. Listening to Megilas esther without a smart phone
  32. Extra long sedarim
  33. When every kid says the ma nishtana and everyone sings along
  34. Hot chanies (ironic I know)
  35. Carlos and Gabby’s
  36. Most mevushal wine
  37. The non-acceptance of the Luabvitch rebbe as moshiach (it’s time you all jumped on board)
  38. The thought of Niddah during rainy season
  39. Frum novels
  40. Mishpacha Magazine
  41. Yinglish
  42. Improper thumb dipping
  43. BT’s who speak yeshivish
  44. BT’s who think they can tell you what to do
  45. Yeshivish modern orthodox people
  46. People who speak Hebrew with an American accent
  47. Any yeshiva that ends in a Tuf and not a Suf
  48. Not your typical bais yaakov or stern girls
  49. Frum Porn (very cringe worthy)
  50. The thought of working for my father or father in-law
  51. Queens
  52. Two guys one cholent
  53. Canned gefilte fish
  54. Gefilte fish jelly
  55. Empire “meats”
  56. Shabbos riots
  57. The Kuzari argument
  58. Gourmet Heimishe
  59. Modern Israeli baby names
  60. Rebbe worship
  61. The flawless Gadol theory
  62. Frum lottery’s
  63. Gas station cholent
  64. Shabbos toilet paper
  65. Shul bathroom smells
  66. Shaloshudos
  67. When people call it seudat shlishit
  68. Sports team yarmulkes
  69. Techeles tzitzis
  70. Separate seating at events
  71. Bris milah (I didn’t say I want to ban it, but it does make me cringe)
  72. Chol Hamoid fairs

What makes you cringe?